Inspiring Women to Show Up For Their Lives

Come Out! Come Out! Whoever You Are!

You are not “less than, minimal, powerless, inconsequential or sub-human, or less than others.” Others are not “more important, superiour, smarter, prettier or more wanted”. You are not “invisible, unwanted, despised, rejected”. You are not “small, without”. You count. You are valuable and matter greatly. God has created you ON PURPOSE!! You were His idea.…



We all have a story and a purpose that we are created for. But there are things in our lives that make us hide. Shame, abuse, trauma, mistakes. My podcast is all about inspiring you to show up for your life in every area and not just show up in someone else’s version of what they think you should be. But to walk in the unique person that God created you to be. Living out your value and true identity as a woman of God, leader, friend, sister, mother, grandmother, and daughter.

“Our dear friend Psalmist Crisie Hutchings breathes life, anointing, and freedom into every place she ministers. I was personally transformed by the presence of God as she ministered. Crisie carries a unique gift that exposes everyone to what it truly means to be overwhelmed by the Love of our Abba Father! Rarely, have I met someone so pure and uncompromising in her delivery of the Word of God! Karen and I highly recommend this prophetic voice to all churches, ministries, and deep gatherings! Get ready to be wrecked and astounded by this powerful voice! She is an oasis for the weary soul and a matchstick for the Jesus-fueled!”

Pat and Karen Schatzline

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