All I Know of You

//The following is a song that I wrote when I was going through a great time of struggle and suffering.

When all my understanding comes unraveled

And all I’ve known as certain starts to shake

When every question meets with utter silence

I can feel the break. I can feel the break


When the mystery is greater than my knowing

And mocks my human wisdom to the core

When all I grasp turns into useless searching

I cry out to you Lord. I cry out to you Lord


You are holy, God Almighty

If that’s all I know of you

It holds me steadfast

You are all and I am nothing

Just the clay you breathed into

And it’s enough to know you love me

If that’s all I know of you.


I have tried to find you in the suffering

Looking through the eyes of fear and grief

But looking through the cross I see the dawning

Of trust beyond belief. Trust beyond belief.


Let Christ be glorified in all,


© 2013 GrannyRocksPublishing/Unchained Tongues/Crisie Hutchings

Feature photo by Carlos Quintero on Unsplash

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