The silence is deafening

Where the secret lives

It mocks and scorns

Taunts and poisons

Weaves the lie

The fault is hers

Here is where

The menace moves

Salivates to confuse

Here in dark

And shadows deep

Perversion awakes

The innocent weep

The moon is full

Alighting bright


The room at night

But still in dark

The sinister deed


Its hunger feeds

Drinking its fill

Without conscience

Removed of guilt

Black heart

Wounded and grey

Empty and cold

Famished, starving

The empty eyes

of innocence

Desperate and hollow

See right through

Presence gone


Ground hard

And fallow

Oh the lost

Heart runs and reaps

The sin

That was never hers

Calls out to God

Heart deaf with grief

She lives

To pick up pieces

It is not fair

It is not just

The wake that’s

Left from the conquest

That was not hers

But she bears

Her soul torn

Finding no rest

All is laid bare

When quiet comes

Life a portrait

Of all that was

Buried deep

Consigned to grave

Yet calls

To be released

To be heard

To be known

To be held

To be freed

It calls

It calls

In the silence

UNCHAINED TONGUES is the poetry of Crisie Hutchings. Poetry with a purpose. That purpose is to give voice to stories that have long been silent. To give dignity to suffering and pain, declare hope in captivity, and celebrate the resilient soul! To honor the sacred. To validate the truth. To release the cry of the wounded heart and find healing in brokenness.

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