Introducing the Newest Addition to our House

I am overjoyed to announce the latest addition to the Hutchings’ house,

Duggan John Hutchings

Our littlest Hutchings weighing in at 5 lbs. 10 oz. and 19 inches long!

Our family just welcomed our precious Duggan on Oct. 25, 2022. As you can see, I’ve been quite busy in the last couple of weeks. My daughter and I were at the hospital for a few days supporting our son and daughter-in-love during labor and delivery and helping them get adjusted when they returned home. It has been glorious!

You may be wondering where the name “Duggan” came from, well let me tell you.

Our identical twin sons are professional wrestlers who have been wrestling since they were in the womb (hahaha). Actually it was a wrestling match that gave them a little distress during labor and delivery which caused them to become “stacked” as they were trying to enter the world. Medically it happens when they are both trying to exit the womb at the same time, which resulted in a C-section. To this day, they are competitive but the truest of friends.

Our son, Dave, the one with the short hair, is Duggan’s dad. Duggan’s name comes from the WWE legend “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. He is Dave’s inspiration for going into wrestling and his favorite wrestler of all time. We just found that out when he explained to us the reason he chose Duggan’s name. In September, he even got a video for his birthday of the famed wrestler thanking him for naming his son after him. It was a highlight of his life!!

I posted to social media, recently, that there’s one thing more glorious than your own children being born and that is your grandchildren. I was not prepared 23 years ago, when our daughter gave us our first grandchild, of the expansion of my heart of love that would happen. It was indescribable. It is no less incredible with each grandchild, much like it is with each child, the increase that happens in your heart.

I shared this with both of our sons as they each had their first child this year. To say that we are grateful, just doesn’t do it for how we feel that our quiver is filling and our children are experiencing the absolute joy and challenge of parenthood. We bless the Lord, extravagantly, for this season in our family’s life.

It truly is a miracle to watch your legacy and to pray for them. I’m beginning to understand God’s heart and promise to the generations. The older I get and as I watch our family grow inside and out, my heart’s prayer is for them alone and those that will come from them after my husband and I are long gone. It is the whole of my heart!!!

Thank you for letting me share my heart and family with you. I recorded a podcast a few years ago that is even more relevant to me today about building your house. It is about generational thinking and is a must going forward into this confused world. I hope you’ll give it a listen. It says “, especially for mom” but believe me, dads can benefit as well. 🙂

My love and thanks,


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