Jennifer Lopez |Worship leader/Musician 2nd City Church, Chicago

I’ve had the extreme honor of knowing for about 10 years now. I have still to this day never met a woman I can compare to.

Let me just be completely honest and say that she was one of the first worship leaders, songwriters, and musicians I’d met whom I believe with all my heart had forsaken reputation and approval of man because literally, NOTHING was more important than God’s pleasure in her.

That’s not something that comes naturally for someone with the enormity of giftings that this woman has, especially in music. She loves God and she loves people and that’s just it. I cannot speak enough on her transparency either.

Crisie cannot be accused of painting perfect pictures of her life and walk with Christ; she knows there’s no power in that. Instead, Crisie pulls people out of dark places that they “thought” they were alone in. She tells the truth. She speaks about things we all wanted to talk about but never wanted to be that exposed to do so. She’s so brave, so honest, so loving, and SO IN LOVE WITH JESUS!!!  And no one can sit in a room with her for 5 minutes and not see that all over her. Her testimonies, her demeanor, the bowed position of her heart, her deep understanding of the Word of God, her love for Jesus and compassion for people are literally life-changing to the listener.